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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Canvas Paintings

I have recently decided to paint some of my own works of art. Something that reflects my tastes and inspirations. I've been painting for others for so long I haven't had a chance to test the waters of my own "style". I have so many ideas and passions that it's overwhelming. I'd like to experiment with abstract art even though I'm drawn to painting realism. By doing this I hope to find a better understanding of what my true style is. Once I've found my niche I hope to start a new collection of canvas paintings that I can someday put in a show. Wish me luck.

Here are a few of my new paintings that I painted just for fun. The abstract reflects my love of peacocks and the color turquoise. I used three different metallic colors; gold, siver and copper. The picture is with a flash to reflect the metallics.

The beach picture is from a photograph I took while on a trip with my husband to the beach near Eglin Airforce base.

The fairy painting was just for fun because I love tinker bell and Disney.

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