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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Latest Project

This summer I was hired by Cowart Elementary to paint a mural for their lunch room. They had won a grant from Hidden Valley Ranch to improve their lunch room and incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables. We decided to do a farm mural to reinforce the theme. They received new appliances, the mural, new curtains, and colorful new lunch trays. The new lunch room looks great.

I designed the mural from many different farm landscapes photos, as well as animal and produce photos. I then drew a grid onto 4 foot by 8 foot sheets of thin wooden luan. It took 7 sheets to make this mural. Then, I drew the design onto the grid and painted the mural with Sherwin-Williams indoor flat latex paint. Sherwin-Williams was very kind to offer the school a great price for the paints to help keep us within our budget. It took seven weeks and the help of my sister Amie and my husband Tim to complete the mural. On installation day it took Tim, Amie, her husband Thomas and myself to put all the boards in place. Not only did I paint the mural above I also painted 5 smaller panels for the food line.

Thanks to everyone involved with the project from start to finish. And thanks most of all to Hidden Valley Ranch who provided the funds to make it all happen.

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